Friday, September 4, 2009

sad news....

a disheartening day, i'm afraid.

i went to pick up some much-belated sundries at the bazaar this afternoon and saw Adia and her grandmother.

she looks miserable.

she and grandmum were sleeping in the alcove of a shop when i approached, Adia wearing nothing but a towel - no matter how many dresses i bring them, they usually refuse to clothe her properly.

i was at first delighted to see them, since it meant one less day to wait for the hospital - but lo and behold, not a hospital in Hyderabad was open today. apparently the prime minister died, which was an excuse to shut down EVERYTHING but the scant vegetable-stall or beedi-shop. i'd hate to think of what happened to anyone who needed dire emergency care today. nothing much could be done but buy grandmum's promise to return to the same place tomorrow.

i gave Adia some diluted milk fearing that anything more substantial might do more harm than good. she's another problem now - flies. droves of them which i could not keep away even by constantly fanning her off. i'm hoping it's just because they haven't been cleaning her properly, and i thought of giving her a bath but didn't know if something like that would be too much of a shock to her. i'm really frightened to do almost anything with her now because i don't know what her very fragile system will handle.

tomorrow we will go to the hospital - hopefully a better update will come then.


  1. the poor child! is there any reason why they wont dress her?
    - MissEmmy

  2. emmy,
    i think that they know keeping her exposed will solicit more pity, terrible as it sounds, also, they're not using diapers (despite being given them, i think it's just something they aren't used to) so keeping her undressed makes less of a mess in that way.

    i can't wait to get her in the the very least she'll be clean and safe there. it's starting to get rainy and windy here in Hyderabad, too, so she really needs proper shelter...

  3. Nutmeg,

    I'm Natalie from Bubbles Variety on etsy. I don't know if this will help, but is there anyway you can get some gatorade and give some to Adia? Any type of drink with potassium & salt to help replace her electrolytes would help. Even coconut water would help. Some mashed up bananas if you think she could eat them. You mentioned she had diahreah, which means she's losing fluids and not eating and drinking enough isn't replacing the fluids lost.

    You also mentioned that when she was in the hospital they had a hard time getting an IV in due to her veins collasping. That's another sign of being dehydrated. I know this because my mother was ill and had problems with keeping hydrated. When she'd wind up in the hospital the nurses would have a heck of a time getting an IV in due to the effect dehydration has on one's veins. When you get Adia to a hospital, if they absolutely cannot get an IV in, mention a port a cath. At one point when they couldn't access my mother's veins her doctor suggested one, but they eventually got an IV in. Info about them is here:

    If a person becomes dehydrated so much it will affect their potassium-their level will go low, which will then affect their heart and possibly cause it to either stop or go too rapid and cause their kidneys to shut down. Not good. More info here:

    Sorry if I'm rambling on, but these latest photos of her are very upsetting. I don't know HOW the family can carry on as usual with a child so ill, it's heartbreaking.

  4. ohmygod. it is sad to see any baby/child sleeping on the street without anything on..just a towel??

    i am so sad....


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