Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Until the charitable fund is in place, I've been keeping track of all donations and the amounts we've matched in a little book along with our expenditures. I realised that some might be interested in the financial spectrum of things, so I thought it might be well to post a summary each month of how we're doing!

Here is my (very first ever) accounting chart for the month of August:

I'll also list an estimate of our projected expenses for this month, and what our financial goal will be.

We plan to re-admit Adia to the hospital on the 4th, and this time it shall be a private one, amounting to approximately 1000 rs daily for a monthly total of 30,000 rs.

If I can get the consent of the family to place the older children in school they will require school supplies, uniforms, and shoes/underclothes. I estimate this cost to be around 2,000 rs for each child, a total of 4,000.

There will be some fees associated with the founding of the charitable trust, amounting approximately 5,000 rs.

I would like to invest a small amount of money in supplies for the women of the family to begin producing embroidery to sell, a traditional handicraft which the grandmother is quite talented in. A good start-up amount for the endeavour would be 4,000 rs.

Based upon last month's expenditures, the cost of feeding the children each day totals about 200 rs, for a monthly total of 6,000 rs.

Sometimes it is necessary to present gifts of money to the parents, in order to persuade them to continue bringing Adia to meet me, or to secure their consent for the children's needs. I wish to keep this to a minimum with a reserve fund of 5,000 rs, and a contingency fund of 2,000 rs will cover unexpected sundries.

This brings the monthly average needs to approximately 50,000 rs, or 1,020 USD.

It seems like quite a sum, but less so when one considers that it will benefit a family of 9 members (or more - I have yet to ascertain the exact number of relatives with whom Adia lives). The exact sum needed may end up as more or less, so I propose that any remainder at the end of the month be placed aside for unexpected needs of the children in months to come.

Another issue which concerns me is the family's housing. I have not visited the home in their native village, some few kilometers outside of Hyderabad, but have seen the miserable shanty cobbled together from cardboard and corregated tin which they reside in during their time in the city. At other times, their shelter is nothing but a small alcove near the positions where they collect their alms. I will be seeking local groups which may be able to provide them a better solution.

Hopefully this has provided a comprehensible overview - please feel free to comment here or contact me directly at should you have any enquiries.

Those who wish to contribute to the ongoing costs of Adia's care may do so below:

Blessings to all for your continued support and caring.

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  1. Bless you for your work with this family! We have seen first-hand the poverty and destitution of many people in around the world. We traveled to China twice to adopt our daughters, and we were heartbroken to see the destitute living conditions of many people. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and do whatever I can to help with your project. Nina @ Gossamer Wings Studio AKA mamas*little*treasures


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