Monday, October 5, 2009

No update in quite some time - we have left India for Nepal after the expiry of our Indian visas. We're in communication with our friend in Hyderabad who is networking with local advocates and Fernandez Hospital to have Adia treated by their charity allotment.

Presently she has been admitted to the gov't hospital in Mahbubnagar, the family's native village. While not as good as a private hospital, it will at least keep her off the streets, in a decently clean place with a certain degree of medical care.

Unfortunately I am unable to update this blog regularly at present. Kathmandu has power cuts which can last several hours daily, and presently it is festival season (Dashain/Diwali) in which much of the city closes at odd times.

We will not be able to do any direct work with Adia, obviously, until we are able to return to India. While here in Nepal we're attending NGO workshops, collaborating with extant groups on projects here, and learning everything we can about NGOs and how to overcome to obstacles commonly faced in charity work in the 'third world'.

Updates will be provided whenever one is available. Thank you for continuing to keep Adia, her family, and the many children like her in your thoughts and prayers.

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