Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A School of Hope

Another breath of hope has some through a school here in Hyderabad. The Kare School provides a free education to children in need, and also has a women's vocational collecge and some medical facilities including a blood bank (which may be something Adia needs because of the depleted state of her fluids). I've written to secure Adia's older siblings a position there, and also to enquire about volunteering for a few hours each week to help the children with their English.

Education can empower people to break the cycles of poverty and abuse, and I believe Adia's siblings would flourish if given the proper chance in life. The school may be a wonderful starting-place, and also help to connect them with other community resources of which I may be unaware. The only challenge will be to secure the consent of their parents, who could be reluctant to give up the income the children procure, but perhaps they could be made to understand that their children will be able to better care for them in their old age if educated, and provide a better life for thier own children and grandchildren.

Thank you as always for keeping Adia and her family in your thoughts and prayers!


  1. the school sounds like a great opportunity, keep up the GOOD work!

  2. I think the school is a brilliant idea. I was wondering if an Etsy shop (or something similar) might work as an attention getting/fundraising kind of thing-- perhaps sell cards with art from some of the children?

    I wish I had better ideas.


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