Friday, September 4, 2009

How wonderful - we now have a treasurer! A paypal account has been set up just for Adia's donations now. As of next week (if all goes as planned), we will be fully official as a charitable trust!

Anyone who wishes to contribute to Adia's cause is warmly welcomed to do so. Tomorrow, Adia is scheduled to return to the hospital, at which time we will provide for a full month of her care. We hope this month will suffice to stabalize her condition, but to fully recover, she will need further months of medical assistance as well as continued physical therapy to prevent or remedy any developmental delays incurred by malnutrition. We are immensely grateful for all who feel called to help defray the ongoing expenses of Adia's care.

You can use the donation button to the right on the sidebar, or make your contribution to

Blessings to all.

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  1. Fantastic! It's good to see everything's coming along! And it's good to hear Adia will get to see a doctor tomorrow. I look forward to hearing about her improving condition through your efforts.


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