Monday, August 24, 2009

a very hasty update -

i'm back! sorry for the long silent - i am a bit embarrased to admit that, erm, i ended up in the hopsital myself (though i don't really think i needed to be, when a foreigner faints they get a lot more attention than the locals do).

anyway! i didn't make it to see Adia in the hospital today but spoke with her dear older sister, whe told me she is doing well indeed! the last time i saw her, the prior day, i do agree that she seems much sprightlier - still woefully undernourished, but that will take some time to remedy. one problem is that many children who have been starved for a length of time develop partial lactose intolerance - and while she is able to drink milk without ostensible problems, one concern is that she may not be absorbing the nutrients fully. that's one thing we're going to talk to the doctor about testing, hopefully tomorrow.

i am still so joyous to see the beautiful outpouring of generosity from our etsy comrades - again and again, i have reason to belive that kindness in the world always will overcome all that is unbalanced.

i hope to have a specific medical update from the docs tomorrow!

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